A vineyard in
its natural surroundings

The plots bordered by hedges of cypress trees vainly trying to calm the Mistral and by groves of holm oak to maintain biodiversity, are mostly North-South oriented. In addition to the search for the best sunlight for the plant, here, it is first of all necessary to protect the paling from the wind, otherwise it would soon look like the inclined pine trees bordering our meridional roads.

Generous amounts of sunshine allow the grapes to ripen perfectly.
Christian GuérinWinegrower

Fruit of a beautiful diversity

The Clos Guérin, stretching over fifteen hectares, twelve of which being vines, is mainly co-planted with grenache, syrah, cinsault and mourvèdre, traditional vine plants of the Côtes du Rhône AOC. The average age of the vineyard is about 20 years, but some plots are more than half a century old!

The roots of newly grafted plants, taking the place of too old vine plants, astonishingly manage to clear a way between the huge ovalized boulders and the scandy reddish clayey earth that supports them, trying to find in the depth the water necessary for their growing.

Cradle of a true ecosystem

In keeping with our regard for Nature, the vineyard has been cultivated, since 2017, according to the demands of biological agriculture. At the Clos Guérin, we prefer the working of the soil to the use of pesticides, noxious to biodiversity. As concerns the plant, contact leaf treatments have destroyed any systemic matter liable to corrupt the aromas of the grapes.

As we are convinced of the necessity of giving back to wine its self-defense ability, removed by the use of artificial adjuvants for half a century, we prefer the use of natural stimulants like sweet orange essential oil.